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Legacy of love lives on

When death steals the living from this earthly existence and the physical presence can no longer be enjoyed by those left behind, the spirit nevertheless remains alive within the hearts

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Hughes County coaches endorse mentoring challenge

Exactly 699 Oklahoma coaches from 204 communities in 73 counties participated in the fifth annual Oklahoma Coaches Mentoring Challenge, a campaign to encourage Oklahomans to mentor young people in their

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Service held for Sarah “Pauline” Cofer

Sarah “Pauline” Cofer passed away Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 at Holdenville General Hospital at the age of 90. Pauline was born May 11, 1929 in Holdenville, Oklahoma to Larkin Lee

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Memorial service slated for Mike Turner

David M. (“Mike”) Turner was born December 28, 1948, to John Richard (“Dick”) Turner and Rozanne Truscott Turner.   After graduating from Holden-ville High School, he attended several schools before

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Game Night News

Wow!   We had 10 ladies Monday night at the Nazarene Fellowship Hall ready to play “Moon” domonioes! And play they did! Partners were - Barbara Tiger and Arjean Williams;

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