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Black History Is Oklahoma History

Dr. Donnie L. Nero, Sr., Rep. J. C. Watts, Jr., and Shirley Nero Historian make presentations during the Martin Luther King celebration held at Legacy On Main Street Event Center in Eufaula, Oklahoma on January 15. The crowd may have been small, but the messages were large and inspiring. The Sulphur Springs Baptist Church Gospel Choir of Eufaula kicked off the program with two selections of Sweet Low Sweet Chariot and I Will Trust In The Lord. Shirley Nero (Oklahoma Historian and former OHS Board of Director) followed with a historical view of Oklahoma History incorporating the idea of Black people marching towards freedom beginning with the Trail of Tears of the Five Civilized Tribes of 1832 to the establishment of the historically all-Black towns in Oklahoma and beyond.

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One Pharmacist’s View

Yes, there are people who live on this earth who see to it. One such individual was a “faithful” customer of mine way back in the 1970s. He was a chronic complain-er who was forever being shorted on his medicine, by me. The city overcharged him on his water and the butcher over at Allen Food Center always weighed his meat orders heavy. He had a rough life. He had one prescription for 30 pills. Cheap. So cheap that I only charged him a buck a month for his 30 pills. But of course, he said I always cheated him anyway so I just made it a point to give him an extra pill or two. This gift was never acknowledged.

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IN THE FIRST ROUND OF THE POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY TOURNAMENT THE WETUMKA CHIEFTAINS CONTINUED THEIR WINNING WAYS WITH AN 82-66 WIN OVER EARLSBORO. Alex Allford and Lane Morris led the locals, each scoring 21 points. Jordan Osborn had 15 and Mason Allford 12. Rounding out the scoring were Jace McCoy – 6, Nick Lewis – 3, Chole Wright – 2 and Logan Spencer – 2. Pictured above with their Championship trophy from their previous win of the Richie Peter’s Memorial Tournament are:Front Row: Alex Allford, Lane Morris, Jordan Osborn, Kholton Sparks. Back Row: Landen Metz, Mason Allford, Buddha Williams, Cason Crump, Jace McCoy, Kameron Berryhill, Chole Wright, Logan Spencer, Elijah Harrison, Nick Lewis, Derrick Butler, Mozes Coachman.

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County COVID updates and closings

Holdenville Nutrition Center Closes for One Week

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Dr. McCullough: Outpatient Treatments for COVID-19 Have Been Suppressed

The public should question why governments and public health officials around the world have put little to no emphasis on outpatient treatments in their efforts to fight the COVID-19 virus, instead promoting a massive effort on vaccines, according to Dr. Peter Mc- Cullough.

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Country Comments

One of my grandsons got an archery set for Christmas and loves it. Around the same time my friend Kevin Fisher shared the following story . . .

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