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Game Night News

We had 2 full tables of domino players and 1 full table of valentine/ chocolate goodies Monday night at our domino games!

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Wetumka ~ Moss Basketball Highlights

Moss #11 Riley Pryor

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Country Comments


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Publisher’s Pen

John Bill Martin is not only an incredible writer but also a life-long friend. I always look forward to his “Around Town” columns. They are always so good but this past week was one of his very best if not the best. I must admit I had tears in my eyes when I finished it. If you did not read please get last weeks issue and do so. It is a true story you will never forget. Saturday Dayna and I took two of our grandkids to McDonald’s for ice cream. They love the ice cream and are especially happy if Bonnie McCoy is there to serve them. Most of the area kids know and love Bonnie. She makes them feel so special. Bonnie is the type of employee everyone needs and we are among the many that love and appreciate her . . . And now a couple of more “autographs” from my mother’s 1938 autograph book . . . Dear Gertrude, When you get married and have some twins, don’t run to me for safety pins. You are a good pal and a good schoolmate. I wish you love and happiness. Your pal, Peggy Pierce . . .Dear Gertrude, Out in the ocean is a big rock. It is full of oysters. Forget me not. I hope you all the happiness in the world. With love, Helen Lester. More next week . . . Awhile back I found some clippings from the WWII years giving updates on our men in service. Beginning today I will be sharing some of those news stories.

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One Pharmacist’s Wayne Bullard, Pharm D

When a kid I nearly always welcomed a good snow. Even if it meant wading through the cow lot doing the milking and taking care of ungrateful livestock under bad conditions. Maybe close the school? For sure it changed the looks of things and hid the liter that covered our Oklahoma countryside. At least for a little while. But even then, most of our “snows” were more of a fizzle than anything. I had a picture for years of my young son standing on the front porch all bundled up in boots, coat and hat, steadying a sled as he gazed hopefully across the landscape at little snowflakes which melted as they fell. He was despondent. No sledding. No school closure. Just like we are during this winter’s offering of drizzle, failed weather forecasts and mud. Not much snow. Leave the sled hanging in the barn.

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Red Hatters enjoy Valentine treats

The Red Hat Ladies had a beautiful day for our outing at Boom-a- Rang in Holdenville. We had 12 ladies to turn out for Valentine’s Day plus Joyce Yates’ granddaughter, Lainee Yates. The Wetumka ladies, Linda Tyler, Wanda Shaw and Wanda Price were our hostesses for the day. They had purple tablecloths with red hearts and streamers with roses scattered all along the table. There were also painted wooden blocks with “I love you” sayings on them, placed in front of the place settings.

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Wetumka School Honor Rolls


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