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OHCE Brown Suggas Serve the Community

The home extension group serve the community in many ways. Lately, the group has served families after a funeral, served at celebrations, and special events. A few organizations have hired

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Franklin family returns to Clearview

The Franklin family returned to Clearview after many years from being away. Most of the family was raised in Clearview and graduated from Clearview High School. They moved from Clearview

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Scam Artists Operating in Area Posing as OG&E Employees

More and more scams are being reported in the state. The latest involved our own business on Friday. Dayna Robinson received a call from a man that said he was

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Around Town

By the time you’re 80 years old, you’ve learned everything. Then all you have to do is remember it! Good luck and here are some suggestions that might help you.

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Hughes County Court Records

Last week we accidentally ran the court records from January of 2018. We apologize for the error. FELONIES Victor Kyle Billy—prisoner placing body fluids on government employee Billy Clay Borenendangering

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Threads of Life

I read a book recently about a caravan of gypsies. I have not thought about gypsies for many years, but when I was growing up, you could count on a

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One Pharmacist’s View

Not very many nuggets of good news that I could find this week. For instance, Notre Dame University just covered up all Murals of Christopher Columbus because Native American’s say

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